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Meet Our Team

Hello!  My name is Meg Park and I have been working in the vacation rental industry since 2007.  I started at a time when I was actually looking to become a children's librarian and was pursuing a Master's Degree in Library & Information Science from the University of South Carolina.  After working most of my life in retail, I answered an online employment ad for a vacation rental company on Hilton Head Island. I was fortunate to get the job working in the key office and being responsible for getting incoming guests their keys and other information they needed to get into the home or villa they had rented for their vacation. 

I have to be honest...before I got the job I had never really heard of vacation rentals. My work life before this time was focused almost completely on retail.  I helped run a family business up until my late 20's, dabbled in not-for-profit marketing for a couple of years, and even worked part-time as a mystery shopper and merchandiser. Sure I had rented a condo on the Jersey Shore the summer after my college graduation, but I never really knew vacation rentals were an entire industry.  Little did I know that this new job would actually be a life-changer. I remember that I told the owner of the company that I was only looking for a job for 2 years, and then I would be leaving to pursue being a librarian.  Believe it or not...they hired me anyway and was a part of that company for over 12.5 years.

During my time with them, I was promoted from the key office to Marketing Coordinator, to Marketing Manager and finally Director of Sales & Marketing.  I oversaw a staff of over 12 individuals and was responsible for the marketing and sales activities for the company.  I was also actively involved in owner recruitment and the overall management of the entire company as a member of the management team. I was able to fully see how the different departments within a vacation rental company relied upon each other and worked together to create an exceptional guest experience. I also quickly came to realize that all departments worked at marketing the company.

Working in the vacation rental industry has become my passion.  I love the way it is forever changing, but always keeps the same core principle in mind....creating happy adventures for families, friends and even sometimes strangers!  Since I left my job on Hilton Head Island, I have been fortunate to work with vacation rental managers all over the United States,  I have used my experiences in weathering storms, changes in the economy, increasing use of technology and the sometimes crazy demands of guests to make sure managers are able to provide those happy adventures to travelers for many years.  I would love the opportunity to work with your team as well. 

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